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Capital Investment Challenge Funds

Our Capital Investment Challenge Funds are designed to help us identify investment opportunities which contribute to meeting our core objectives.

We will operate three funds covering different themes:

  • Boat-based tourism
  • Local partnerships; and 
  • Innovation with Natural Resources

Information about general and fund-specific conditions which apply can be found below.

At the current time, the funds accepting applications are:

  • Boat-based tourism, until Friday 1 October 2021(5pm)

General conditions

The following important conditions apply:

  • Crown Estate Scotland must invest in land and property which is already part of the Scottish Crown Estate or is purchased to form part of the Scottish Crown Estate
  • Crown Estate Scotland is not permitted to trade and cannot take shared ownership or shared equity in land and property assets. We are therefore unable to invest in assets that belong to others. 
  • Crown Estate Scotland investment funds are not grant funds, they are capital investment and in line with statutory requirements, we need to be mindful of the financial value of the assets which are the subject of investment over time, as well as the financial return and wider value the investment generates.

Application to the funds

As a public corporation Crown Estate Scotland must follow certain procedures when appraising investment projects to ensure proposals are financially viable and meet our legal and corporate objectives. 

To enable us to assess applications for investment, we will use a three-stage process which is set out as follows:

  • Stage 1, where applicants will complete a form which provides enough detail for us to assess whether an investment might be viable.
  • Stage 2, where selected applicants are invited to work with us in preparing a Strategic Outline Business Case (SOBC), which will be considered by our Investment Committee.
  • Stage 3, where applicants whose SOBC is approved are invited to work with us in preparing a Full Business Case (FBC) which will be submitted to our Investment Committee for a final decision.

More detailed information on the process is presented in the Stage 1 Application Form for each fund.

Our 2020-23 Corporate Plan includes the following key objective:

  • Support the sustainable expansion of Scotland’s blue economy, focusing on marine and coastal development.

This fund aims to identify investment opportunities to grow revenue and capital value, deliver benefits to coastal communities and support the blue economy, with a focus on:

  • Ports and harbours;
  • Boat-based tourism; and
  • Coastal development land.

The application window for this fund closes on Friday 1 October 2021, at 5pm.

For full details on the fund, its criteria and the application process, please see the Stage 1 Application Form which is available here.

This fund will open to applications at a later date. Details will be provided at the point of launch.

This fund will open to applications at a later date. Details will be provided at the point of launch.