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Wind turbines
Wind turbines

ScotWind is the first round of Offshore WInd Leasing in Scottish waters for a decade.

  • To understand more about the project and what it means for Scotland, read on below. 
  • Developer resources are available in the Developer Information and Downloads sections.

Current status

The application window for registered applicants opened in January 2021, and closed on Friday 16 July.

A period of evaluation of the bids will now follow, and Option Agreements will be offered to the successful parties thereafter.

Scotwind illustration

What is Scotwind?

It’s a programme which will lease areas of the seabed around Scotland for wind farm developments. Developers apply to the scheme and, if successful, will be granted the rights to build wind farms in Scottish waters.

We hope that farms with as much as 10GW of new generating capacity will be built over the next decade as a product of ScotWind.

Scotwind illustration

Why is it important?

To prevent the most harmful climate change scenarios from coming true, we need to substantially reduce our carbon emissions.

Scotland’s target is to reach net zero emissions by 2045 – and if we can generate 10GW of new, clean energy from ScotWind projects, it will make a big contribution to reaching that target.

Wind farm projects also offer opportunities for business: their construction, operation and maintenance could bring billions of pounds in investment and new jobs to Scotland.


Registration period

Clarifications process

Adopted Sectoral Marine plan published

Final ScotWind Leasing documents published

Application period/ bidding window

Applications are evaluated

Option Agreement offers made to successful applicants