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Health & safety

Our Commitment 

We are committed not only to complying with health and safety legislation, but to finding opportunities for continuous improvement of our health and safety performance.  

We recognise that excellent health and safety management is fundamental to the success of an organisation. 

As an organisation and as employees, we will: 

  • Openly listen to suggestions to improve health and safety. 

  • Provide strong and active leadership in health and safety. 

  • Ensure adequate arrangements are in place to identify health and safety risks to the organisation and risks are managed appropriately. 

  • Develop arrangements to prevent, so far as reasonably practicable, injury, ill health and damage as a result of its undertaking. 

  • Provide clear instruction, information, training and supervision to ensure employees have the right skills, knowledge and experience to do their work. 

  • Engage and consult with employees and our supply chain to request their involvement with health and safety culture and conditions. 

  • Allocate sufficient resources for health and safety to be managed effectively. 

  • Assess and plan for potential emergency scenarios. 

  • Maintain safe and healthy working conditions, provide and maintain safe plant equipment and machinery and ensure safe use and storage of substances. 

Our Health & Safety policy framework 

To read our complete policy framework, please refer to the Downloads section.